How to touch type fast

Touch typing requires muscle memory without looking at the keyboard. These typing lessons will teach proper techniques while letting you practice. Once you master the right techniques head over to the typing practice page to practice what you have learnt and from there continue to build muscle memory to gradually increase your typing speed.

Principles to accelerate learning


Slow with no mistakes

Start slow and with 100% certainty before hitting a key. the more you hit the keys correctly the faster you will built muscle memory which leads to certainty and proficiency in typing. Increase your speed when you will make no mistakes


Type without watching the keyboard

Only do so if you are not 100% sure where the right key is.


Type the key in the center

This is to ensure consistency in positioning your fingers correctly. If your fingers aren’t consistent then slow down until you can. Typing fast and barely hitting the keys right is counter productive to building good muscle memory.


Place your hands in the right position

Be sure to position your hands on the keyboard where your fingers can be comfortably placed on the home row keys.